Glacier View Turnout Wedding Location In-Depth Overview

Glacier View Turnout is one of the lesser used wedding/elopement ceremony locations in Grand Teton National Park. While it isn’t one of the most popular spots, it’s still an excellent option to consider. With the information gathered below we’ll help you decide if Glacier View Turnout is the right location for you and your partner’s ceremony.

Grand Teton backdrop at Glacier View Turnout. Image Source


Glacier View Turnout is a quick 20 minute drive from Jackson, making it a great option to get ready in Jackson and then head over for the ceremony. It also has a great central location in relation to the rest of Grand Teton National Park, making it pretty easy to hop over to other popular spots for additional bridal photos and videos.

Glacier View Turnout driving time from Jackson
Ceremony location at Glacier View Turnout. Image Source

Glacier View Turnout Cost

Eloping or having a micro-wedding at Glacier View Turnout isn’t cost-free, but it’s certainly much cheaper than traditional venues in the area! In order to have your special day take place at Glacier View Turnout you’ll need to pay a $200 permit fee through the National Park Service. There is an application process involved in reserving your date at the location, and you can find a lot more details on the National Park Service permit website. The permit application process can be a little intimidating at first glance but if you book with us to capture your day we are able to walk you through the entire process.

Along with the cost of the permit you’ll have the other usual costs of an elopement/wedding (travel, vendors, dress, etc.), but you’ll be saving many thousands of dollars by not booking a traditional venue. Some of the venues in the Jackson Hole area can run upwards of $20,000 so $200 doesn’t seem so bad in comparison if you ask us!

There is only one wedding or elopement allowed at Glacier View Turnout per day so if you decide you want to use this location then make sure you apply for the permit ASAP. It doesn’t book up as quickly as some of the other ceremony locations in the park, but it’s still helpful to try and book it for your day far in advance.

Morning view from Glacier View Point. Image Source

Best Time of the Year for Glacier View Turnout

The closer you are to the middle of the summer, the better the weather and the lower your chances of having snow on the ground. With that said, our favorite time of the year by far for weddings and elopements in Jackson Hole is Mid-September through Mid-October.

The fall colors in the Jackson Hole area are pretty unreal, and if you time your wedding or elopement day just right with the peak colors (the exact timing varies year by year), you could be in for some epic colors in your photos. The air is also nice and crisp here in the fall and the lighting is absolutely sublime for photo and video.

The fall is also one of the most popular times for couples to get married in Jackson Hole, so if you’re planning on having your big day in the fall we definitely recommend trying to reserve things further in advance. That’s not to say it isn’t possible to still make it happen with little lead time, but most of the popular ceremony locations and venues book up far in advance.

Pro’s and Con’s of Glacier View Turnout


  • Great classic Grand Teton ceremony backdrop
  • Fits into budgets spectacularly
  • Small and intimate ceremony with your closet friends and family or just you and your partner
  • Close drive from Jackson
  • Great central location in relation to the rest of Grand Teton National Park


  • The ceremony location is pretty close to the parking lot so it’s a little more difficult to have privacy compared to some other spots

The pro’s definitely outweigh the cons for Glacier View Turnout. It’s not quite as popular as other spots like Schwabacher Landing, Mormon Row, and the Wedding Tree, but it’s still an excellent option and a great backup option should those other locations be fully booked. This wouln’t be our first choice, but it’s still a great option and there’s not many bad things to say about it for sure.


Location20 minute drive north of Jackson
HighlightsExcellent Grand Teton backdrop, intimate, close to Jackson, budget-friendly

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