Mormon Row Wedding Location In-Depth Overview

Mormon Row is an excellent spot to have your elopement or small wedding in Grand Teton National Park. With the info gathered below we’ll help you decide if Mormon Row is the right fit for you and your partner’s elopement or wedding.

Mormon Row elopement ceremony in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
Gorgeous Grand Teton Ceremony Backdrop at Mormon Row. Photo by Intimate Adventures Media


Mormon Row is located pretty close to Jackson, so if you are looking for an option with close proximity to town then it can be a great option. It also has a good central location in relation to the rest of Grand Teton National Park which makes it easy to hop over to other locations after your ceremony to get additional bridal photos and videos. Mormon Row is about a 30 minute drive from Jackson, which makes it realistic to get ready in town and then drive over for the ceremony.

Driving Directions from Jackson to Mormon Row
Driving Time from Jackson to Mormon Row


Mormon Row Wedding Cost

Eloping or having a micro-wedding at Mormon Row isn’t cost-free, but it’s certainly much cheaper than traditional venues in the area! In order to have your special day take place at Mormon Row you’ll need to pay a $200 permit fee through the National Park Service. There is an application process involved in reserving your date at the location, and you can find a lot more details on the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE PERMIT WEBSITE. The permit application process can be a little intimidating at first glance but if you book with us to capture your day we are able to walk you through the entire process.

Along with the cost of the permit you’ll have the other usual costs of an elopement/wedding (travel, vendors, dress, etc.), but you’ll be saving many thousands of dollars by not booking a traditional venue. Some of the venues in the Jackson Hole area can run upwards of $20,000 so $200 doesn’t seem so bad in comparison if you ask us!

There is only one wedding or elopement allowed at Mormon Row per day and only 60 allowed per season so if you decide you want to use this location then make sure you apply for the permit ASAP. It is also usually one of the first elopement locations in the park to fully book up so plan ahead and be ready to reserve your day in advance. Because of this, it’s not typically a great location for last minute elopements but it never hurts to give it a look!

North vs. South Mormon Row Ceremony Locations

There are two different ceremony locations at Mormon Row, as distinguished by the Park Service. For reference, the photos you’ll see throughout this article that we captured on Kyle and Mariah’s elopement day are all at the north location. This north option provides the more unobstructed view of the Tetons as well as the beautiful golden grass field as far as the eye can see. You are allowed to have 40 total people attend your ceremony at the north location, and only 25 total people are allowed at the south location so keep this in mind as well.

North Ceremony Location on the Map. IMAGE SOURCE

The south ceremony location offers having one of the famous barns in the background of the ceremony, as well as the Tetons. Both options are great and the final decision of which location to use ultimately comes down to the look you are going for. We loved the unobstructed view the northern location offers but there’s certainly some couples that are going to love having the barn in the background in their photos.

South Ceremony Location. IMAGE SOURCE
South Ceremony Location on the Map. IMAGE SOURCE
Mormon Row Elopement Ceremony
The golden brown of the surrounding field at the north location makes for beautiful photos. Photo by Intimate Adventures Media
Bride walking to north ceremony location at Mormon Row
The bride, Mariah, making the short walk from the parking area to the north ceremony location. Photo by Intimate Adventures Media
The unobstructed Teton view at Mormon Row makes for epic bridal photos. Photo by Intimate Adventures Media

Pro’s and Con’s of Mormon Row


  • Killer unobstructed Grand Teton view during your ceremony
  • Fits into budgets spectacularly
  • Perfect for Intimate Elopements
  • Ideal location in relation to Jackson and the rest of GTNP
  • Makes for beautiful photos and videos
  • Allows up to 40 people at Mormon Row North


  • Limited to 25 people at Mormon Row South (not an ideal spot for larger weddings)
  • The area is not closed to the public during your wedding date (people are typically very respectful of your space and ceremony and don’t intrude though)

The pro’s certainly outweigh the con’s, and the biggest determining factor when deciding whether or not to use Mormon Row as your location is if you’re looking to have a small wedding or elopement rather than a big celebration. Keep in mind it’s possible to make your ceremony open to family and close friends only, and then have your reception be a bigger celebration with a larger guest list.

The park service does not close off any of the area during your day, so there may be random tourists walking about. The random people that may be in the area always seem to be very respectful of couples and they try to not intrude on their space during their ceremony or first dance.


Location30 minute drive north of Jackson
HighlightsGreat view of the Tetons, Intimate, Lower cost than a venue

You can watch an elopement we filmed at Mormon Row below. Kyle and Mariah eloped at Mormon Row on a beautiful fall day and their vows were so touching. After the ceremony and bridal shots we hopped in the car and drove about 15 minutes to the Taggart Lake trailhead, from which we hiked to Taggart Lake for additional photo and video.

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