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Hey!! We're Lauren & Matt!
When we're not capturing your adventures, we are usually on adventures of our own

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Our story begins when we met each other our freshman year at Boise State University as student athletes. We were great friends for about a year, but something just clicked and we knew we had deeper feelings for each other than friendship and  started dating at the beginning of our sophomore year. We're now going on our fourth year together, and cannot wait for all of the memories we will make together for the rest of our lives. 

 Both of us have always had a love for taking photos and creating videos since we were little kids.  Endless Youtube videos were made, and hundreds of photos of mountains, plants, and dogs were taken. Although we grew up in different states, we grew up very similar. in that aspect. 

Lauren decided to start taking photography a bit more serious in 2019, and later started Laurenslensview Photography in 2020. After about a year of gaining incredible experience and knowledge about the wedding industry, we sat down and discussed what lit our hearts on fire. Matt went with Lauren to the first ever elopement they did, and they both had the absolute best experience, and knew that was what they wanted to do for a living. 

So in January 2022, Intimate Adventures Media was born. We've had so much fun building up our business to be what it is today. 

We are both extraverted introverts, and love being around people who love the outdoors just as much as we do. We also love dogs, so we always STRONGLY encourage bringing your dog to your elopement. We love living in Boise because of how close we are to so many outdoor opportunities, one day we hope to move to Jackson Hole, Stanley, or somewhere abroad, but we are excited to see where life takes us!

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Meet Lauren

Hi there! I am the main photographer for Intimate Adventures Media. Matt actually told me I should start my own photography business a few years ago, and I'm sure glad he did, because now we get to travel together and take photos and videos of adventurous couples!  I always knew a 9-5 job wasn't for me, so photography seemed like the perfect fit for me! I tried out tons of different niches, but adventure elopement and wedding  photography lit up my soul the way no other niche could.

 My life has drastically changed since I moved to Idaho. I relearned how to ski, learned to fish, and became obsessed with the different landscapes and beauty that the state has to offer. I can't wait to do some more travel abroad, and a few places on my bucket list are Switzerland, New Zealand, Iceland, and Norway. 

Meet Matt

Howdy doody, I am the videographer for Intimate Adventures Media. I've always had a passion for shooting and editing video and I am thrilled to be able to join Lauren and capture so many amazing couples. 

I grew up in Reno, Nevada and spent all of my free time fly fishing, skiing, and camping. I moved to Boise to play baseball at Boise State and when our program was cut (RIP) I transferred to Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska to continue playing baseball. Once I finished playing there I moved back to Boise to be back with Lauren. I love the amazing outdoor access Boise has to offer, and when I'm not here I'm exploring the west with Lauren and fishing in Nevada.

As your photographer and videographers, we promise to...

Document your important moments

Help you focus on what matters to you when you tie the knot

Give you the best experience we can

Cultivate an incredible day that uniquely showcases your intimate adventure

Our ultimate goal is to help guide you and provide an out- of-this-world incredible experience, all while also creating epic photos and video that you'll be able to look back on forever. For us, documenting elopements and weddings is more than just a job. It's a choice to be a part of our couple's wedding day and make them feel comfortable, accepted, and safe with their decision to have an intimate wedding day in a beautiful place. 
We care, a lot. And we want your day to be just as perfect and exciting as you imagine it to be so we give you tons of resources and guidance to ensure your day goes smoothly. From years of exploring Stanley and Jackson Hole we've discovered many of the best locations, and want to give you the most intimate elopement adventure or destination wedding we can. 

Our Core Values

Real Moments Are Perfect Moments

We believe that real and authentic moments are perfect moments. We will make sure to capture that perfect sunset picture, but we also look for the candid moments like your significant other kissing your cheek as you enjoy the view. 

practice leave no trace

We aim to respect the landscape to the best of our ability, so we practice Leave No Trace principles within our business. This helps preserve the beautiful spaces we are allowed to use for elopements and weddings. 

All love is welcome and safe here

Intimate Adventures Media welcomes all love. All people are welcome here and deserve the very best service and respect.

our relationship is more than a transaction

We want our clients to know that we want to build a friendship with them to allow a safe and comfortable experience for them on one of the most important days of their lives. 

Nature has always been our playground. 

Somewhere we could relax, reconnect, and explore.  We began this journey in hopes to document adventure loving couples and their commitment to each other and the outdoors.

Protecting the beautiful land that we have access to is one of our main priorities, whether that is a national park or a beautiful venue. 99% of our couples have a passion for the outdoors in some way, shape, or form, and we've found that those are the people in our lives that we work best with.

 As a photo and video team, we are able to work together cohesively so you can get consistent  and beautiful footage. We want you to have the best experience for such an important day, so choosing a team that can get the job done is important! Let us be that team for you, we want to help you capture and create your dream wedding or elopement day!

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