Intimate Cabin Micro-Wedding in McCall, Idaho

Angela and Evan had a complete DIY fall themed intimate wedding that took place about 20 minutes south of McCall, ID. The setting was an AirBnB lake house with about 30 guests. It was low key, laid back, and gorgeous. Despite it being a smoky day, it was still beautiful on the lake especially during golden hour. These two had always known they wanted a micro-wedding in McCall, Idaho, so they were happy everything final came together.

The best surprise was running into a neighbor who let us use their dock to take photos on the water. Angela and Evan never expected there to be much of a dance party. We were all surprised when their families decided to turn up and dance the night away!!

Our job was done, and we left after such a peaceful and perfect intimate wedding. As Idaho Elopement photographers, we love when our couples have a celebration and dance the night away with their families. This micro-wedding in McCall, Idaho had a celebration we will never forget!

Idaho is the best place in the US to have an intimate wedding with your significant other and your families. A micro-wedding in McCall, Idaho can be intimate and accessible, making it a perfect option for so many couples. With stunning views and endless outdoors activities, it makes for the perfect celebration, no matter the season. Imagine a perfect September intimate wedding, as temps start to cool and days get shorter. Sounds like a perfect day to us! Curious about how to start planning an Idaho adventure wedding? Check out our How To Elope in Idaho” guide here! And if you’re looking for a photo + video team who specialize in micro weddings, we’re your duo! Micro weddings are such a special way for a couple to connect to each other and their families. We would love to give you ideas, tips, and tricks to plan your perfect intimate wedding day!

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We are storytellers, adventure seekers, and fly-fishing addicts. We love spending time together outside exploring, and we know we aren't the only ones who do this too. This is why deciding to have a micro-wedding or to elope allows you to focus on the two of you, rather than putting on a big and fancy show for people you may not even talk to 3 years from now. 

Imagine starting your morning with a nice cup of coffee while the stars are still shimmering in the sky, and watching the sun slow illuminate the mountains surrounding you as you make your way up to an alpine lake to say your vows. After enjoying a calm and romantic morning together, You then hike back down to be greeted by your closest family members for an intimate ceremony at your airbnb, followed by dinner and drinks while you all watch the sun go down.  

This could be your wedding experience. It doesn't have to fit into the societal norms or follow a timeline. You can try new things together, spend quality time with your significant other and family if you want. This experience should be to celebrate this new step in your relationship, and should be a stress free adventure that authentically represents the two of you.