The Planning Process
Imagine a day where the two of you are adventuring together and fully enjoying each other's presence. A day that is intimate and exhilarating all in one. 
That is how your wedding day should feel.

Why you should highly consider hiring a wedding photography and videography team: 

We help with the whole planning process.

Many of our couples are choosing to elope because the last thing they want to do is plan a wedding, so that's why along with our photography and videography service, we also include in-depth planning assistance for your elopement day! 

Some people might be curious what this does and does not include, so here's the rundown.

What our planning services DO include:
  • Customized Location Scouting
  • Vendor, Travel, and Lodging Recommendations
  • 60+ page elopement guide 
  • Personalized timeline specific to your elopement day
  • Unlimited access to us (your elopement photo + video team) to ask us any questions you may have!
  • Informing you on how to obtain your marriage license
  • Making  sure your celebration adheres to LNT principles
So what isn't included?
  • We are not able to book any of your flights, lodging, or vendors for you
  • Picking up or sending back your marriage license
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Yep! We said the whole planning process...

So how does booking with you guys work?

Let's get to know each other

Start dreaming up your wedding

Intensive planning begins

Let's do the thing and get married!

Decide on a date and book with us

Fill out our contact form and schedule your free consultation call! Let's hop on a video or phone call and chat about your wants and needs!

After you decide you want to work with us, let's select a date for your adventure. A retainer and a signed contract is required to reserve your date!

Not quite sure where you want to elope yet? This is your chance to explore your options with our guidance to find the perfect location for your elopement day!

We send you extensive planning information such as a 90+ page elopement guide with vendor recommendations, different locations, timelines, and more!

After months (or weeks) of planning, elopement day is finally here! Take a minute to take it all in, and get ready for the coolest wedding experience ever!

We are ready to chat more!

Looking to elope but not quite sure where yet?

Check out some of our elopement guides below!

Jackson Hole Elopement Guide 
Idaho Elopement Guide

Planning your elopement can be stressful, but we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

While it certainly seems like there are hundreds of options and things to do, it's because there are! This is what makes planning an adventure elopement so much fun! You have hundreds of different incredible locations to choose from, and hundreds more activities to explore on your special day.

We want your elopement day to feel as authentic and true to yourselves, so we are here to help you every step of the way to help you achieve that! We will do ALL of the planning for you, to take the stressors of planning away and provide the space to dream up your perfect day. 

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In case you still have some questions...

What is the difference between an elopement, micro-wedding, and a wedding?

The biggest difference between an elopement and a wedding is the number of people who are in attendance. For us, elopements range from 2-15 people, but still include time where the couple gets to spend plenty of time alone together if there are guests.  These events typically don't take place at a venue. Micro-weddings range from 16-50 people, and are great for gathering with a small group of your family and friends. Venues or private properties are a must for micro weddings to help minimize environmental impact. A traditional wedding is typically a marriage celebration with 50 or more people involved. These types of weddings typically require a venue. 

What do you help with in the planning process?

What we DO help with : Vendor, lodging, location, and activity recommendations, along with creation of your day of timeline so your day runs smoothly.

What we DON'T help with: The booking of any other vendors or lodging, decorations, reservations, or transportation to and from activities.

We have never been to the location we want to get married, can you help us choose a location?

Believe it or not, but almost 90% of our couples have never been to the location that they want to get married at! Some couples just have their hearts set on a specific area, and let us do the rest of the work for them! We have done tons of research and location scouting to find perfect locations for dozens of couples, so we are confident that we can find a location that will be perfect for you too!

We want to get married in a remote location, how will We make our marriage legal?

Both Matt and I are ordained and can sign off on your marriage license. We won't actually run you through a ceremony (unless you choose a photo-only package and you want Matt or myself to officiate), but we are more than happy to help sign your license. The amazing thing about Idaho is that no witnesses are required, and there is no waiting period. You can also bring an officiant with you if you'd like.

Do you reschedule if there is bad weather?

Typically no, mainly because of our schedules being booked out far in advanced. For more technical full day elopements, we are sometimes able to be more flexible in working around any weather that we may come by. Because we can't control the weather, we find it necessary to make multiple back up plans to ensure our safety and to get the best experience for you. We have experienced working in most types of weather, although if there is ever a situation where we feel the safety of all of us and our gear is at risk, we may opt for a different plan.  For traditional weddings, we recommend having a tent or indoor space if bad weather is possible.

We know you're based in Idaho, but do you travel?

Absolutely, yes! We love to travel and explore different natural beauties around the country and even around the world! For adventure elopements, we are based out of Stanley, Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming, but we have done elopements in other beautiful locations around the country too!

What is the best time of the year to get married?

While any time of year is beautiful in its own way, we absolutely love the summer and fall. In the summer, the wildflowers are blooming, it's warm, and the days last forever! In the fall, the trees begin to change color, sometimes you get an early snow fall, and wildlife can become more active. While we believe these are the best times of year, that doesn't mean winter and spring elopements can't be great too! We just typically recommend those seasons for couples that love the snow and don't mind some cold weather.

Can we bring our dogs with?

Absolutely! If we are going to a location or venue that dogs are permitted, your dogs are more than welcomed to join us! We do ask that your dogs are well behaved, as it will not only make our lives easier so we can do our jobs better, but it will also make your experience less stressful! Having well behaved dogs is also important in the event we run into wildlife. 

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